About Golsan Chem Pars

Golsan shimi Pars Co. (Azotech) is a pioneer in the field of design and construction of medical research and industrial laboratories and is proud of using new and modern Technical equipment like CNC and Press brake machines which increases precision and finesse in manufacture and production of devices that are comparable to the most modern European machines.
The company employs experienced specialists who are fully aware of the user needs and they design laboratory tables meeting all required standards.

Elegance in design, quality in production and customer satisfaction has been one of the most important goals of this company that has made us superior to our competitors.


Considering the diversity of the product in terms of quality and adapting it to the needs of the laboratory users made us to employ skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff to serve you from the beginning to the end of the project. One of the things that Golsan shimi Pars (Azotech) commits is the support and after-sales service.

The company is also involved in the supply and distribution of chemicals and laboratory equipments, including machinery and glassware, as well as repair and commissioning of all devices. We hope to continue our sincere cooperation with the above mentioned principles and provide the highest quality and services and at the end fully satisfy you and leave a good name to Golsan shimi Pars (Azotech).

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