Laminar Hood AZ / LM920

Laminar Hood AZ / LM920

Product Description

Technical Specifications:

 – Dimensions: 120 x85 x 220 cm

 – Vertical aeration system, electric glass door

 – Steel body with electrostatic paint coating

 – The work table is made of stainless steel and can be removed for washing and


 – having Light and UV lamp, drain valve and socket

 – Equipped with side windows

– Equipped with HEPA filter with efficiency of 99/997 with dimensions of 100×500 ×1100mm

 – Has a HEPA exhaust filter with dimensions of 300 × 300 × 300 mm

– Equipped with three 2800 centrifugal fans

– the noise is less than 60 dB

– having Digital board and (3,000 hours) useful working hour.

 -The UV lamp has a 15-second delay for more safety to allow the operator to move away from the device sufficiently before switching on, as well as having an optical and acoustic warning system.

– Filter Easy replacement and environmental pollution prevention

-easy access to all parts of the machine

– Manufacturing devices with the most modern and automatic CNC devices

Thanks God, after passing the entire microbial, particle, light, sound, and other tests, it has been able to obtain a production license from the Medical Devices and Health Reference Laboratory, which will certifies the quality.

Laminar Hood AZ / LM920